Benefits of Wearing Lingerie

Benefits of Wearing Lingerie

Many years ago, I was given two solid pieces of advice and I realised one of them incorporates wearing Lingerie. If you’re going to spend money around the home make sure that you get the best bed you can afford, and the best shoes. Because realistically you spend a large portion of your life in these two things. Its essential that you get the best of both of these things. When I’m depressed, or feeling down, I spend money on lingerie and under garments. They make me feel sexy, secure and in control and it’s purely for my own sense. No one else can see them, unless I’m sleeping with them. It helps me take charge of life during the dark periods. Lingerie, and especially new lingerie helps with many things. Here’s some of the benefits of wearing lingerie.

 benefits of wearing lingerie
Sexy situations

Benefits Of Wearing Lingerie

1. Improves Intimacy

When you’re wearing lingerie, you feel sexy, in control, in charge.

Your partner will find watching you in lingerie arousing. Trick here is not to get lingerie that they like. You need to get pieces that you feel confident in. If you have a fantastic tummy line, and you know it, then get something that shows that off. But if you’re like me and have had a few kids and getting a bit on in life, than go a chemise style which flows gently off the skin, and hides some of the things that you want it to.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my womanly figure and I am proud of the scars and marks that I have received bringing my beautiful family into the world. But when you’re down for sexy times, the last thing that I want to be thinking of i. Do you think that he notices that scar, or that stretch mark? It’s about presenting yourself in the best possible way that you can.

Now that can include, some scented candles, low level strategic lighting, or even a sensual silk blindfold. A reason why you get lingerie that you feel good in, is that regardless of the lingerie, when you feel more confident in it, it’s going to show.

2. Hide flaws

As mentioned above lingerie has the benefit of hiding those particular marks that you want hidden. It gives you the opportunity to hide those ones and show off your best assets. If you love your ass, then go a lingerie piece that highlights that. Legs are your main thing then show them off with some fishnets, or a low cut skirt.

If your breasts are your pride and joy then consider a bra cut out option, or something with an underwire, or if they’re too big for an underwear something sheer or lacey.

3. Mood

When you’re feeling more confident and sexy, your mood will change. That’s why I wear new lingerie when I’m feeling down. It’s an instant mood booster and will leave you feeling more confident with your life in general. Mood is a tentative thing, and it can change with a moment’s notice. You can be outside, enjoying your afternoon in the park. Twenty minutes later you see someone that reminds you of a particular memory and boom, your mood changes. It can be a tedious and volatile situation at times.

I’m in no means suggesting that this is a woman thing, it’s not. Even men’s mood can change at the drop of a hat.  That’s just who we are as people. You would also notice how colour affects both yourself, and other people. Colour is a fantastic way to influence and change moods. Red has always been traditionally seen as a sultry and sexy colour. Whereas white has traditionally been seen as a more pure and virginal colour. Remember, that when selecting the most popular lingerie colours, your colour choices will affect mood.

4. Time Spent in the Bedroom

The fact is that you spend more than one third of your life in the bedroom. Your choice of lingerie should reflect that. Unless it’s just your have sex with me now lingerie, you want it to be both comfortable, supportive and appealing. There’s little to no use in getting lingerie that isn’t going to work with your body and your levels of comfort. That’s an important aspect to which you will need to consider when purchasing and wearing lingerie.

5. Male Lingerie

Lingerie shouldn’t just be limited to the women as well, guys can most certainly increase the lingerie style wardrobe. Though I acknowledge and understand that there is male lingerie with lace and cute stuff like that. You could consider some leather wear, jock straps and unique underwear as part of the male lingerie range. My husband is the same as me. Indeed whenever he gets new underwear I will make a point of asking how he is doing, because he buys it when he is feeling down as well.

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Why Do Women Love Wearing Lingerie

Woman love Wearing Lingerie as it makes them feel sexy even if it is not really doing it for anyone else. They are doing it for themselves.  A theory goes that if a woman thinks she looks sexy (even under her clothes) then that perception will help her over-all confidence and self-esteem.

Feeling good about oneself if a very important aspect of how we will integrate in society and the confidence we will outwardly display because of what we feel inside. Wrong intention is often interpreted by men that think their wives and girlfriend are dressing up for them. Although this is sometimes the case, more often than not, it isn’t.

Lingerie and tailored undergarments have been worn for thousands of years. Although back in the past the purpose may have been to please the master or provider this changed in the last century. Then this sexy wear was not worn to please others, but to please oneself and to often not even show it.

Marketing approach to lingerie has also changed considerably, especially in the last couple of decades.  Marketing, although making the wearer look exotic often will tell the story of how sexy the wearer will feel. And also as often not even show a visual admirer.

benefits of Wearing Lingerie
Feeling Sexy

Lingerie is exotic and teasing

For the wearer and she or he may be shy to show it to someone else. This feeling of being viewed or judged by another may make them feel like they are a commodity being displayed. It will make them awkward, anxious and even ashamed.  On the other hand some women will enjoy being looked at, desired and it will be a real turn-on to exhibit his or her charms to their lover.

Young designers are now making lingerie that is both comfortable and sexy for those wishing to wear them at work or during sports.  This trend to make sexy undergarments ‘everyday’ wear goes to validate that women in today’s society wear them for their own personal pleasure and confidence.  Yes there is still a place for boned corsets and corsets but there is more of a demand for comfortable underwear that is sexy.

Almost every women owns some lingerie.

A special piece whether it be a camisole, gown or kinky G and since this has become so mainstream there are now very affordable brands.  Intimate wear for all occasions, for every body type and every taste.  Beauty cannot be described with one label. It now has multiple personalities that are influenced and impacted by all aspects of one’s life.  There is no stereotypical woman anymore and this is evident also in the varieties of lingerie available.

It is beautiful to be big and almost all ranges include plus sizes.  Women are strong and independent and are stepping out, exploring their own sexual lifestyles displaying beauty, sensitivity and pizzazz.