Best Lingerie Types For Different Bodies

Best Lingerie Types For Different Bodies

Purchasing lingerie from the market can be quite an overwhelming job to do especially trying to find the Best lingerie types for you. That’s because you will discover many different options available. All the people who purchase lingerie like that are strongly encouraged to keep a better understanding about body type before they invest their money. It will help you to get the best possible results out of lingerie that you purchase as well. This article will guide you with buying lingerie for her

Best Lingerie Types

Over 50% of intimate apparel and lingerie sales happen as a result of bra sales. The original brassiere was designed in order to provide a support for the bust. It has gone through significant changes throughout the past few years in order to provide enhanced comfort and support. 

Sexy bras differ from the traditional brassieres.

They offer some sort of support. But women who spend their money on sexy bras are more concerned about their appearance instead of functionality. For example, the shelf bra offers a very little support to the bust, but it is one of the best-selling lingerie styles out there in the world. Push-ups bras have also received much attention as they have the potential to create a greater fullness.

Sexy panties hold a prominent place

Among the sexiest lingerie styles that you can see out there in the world. There is a clear difference in between granny type panties and sexy panties. Your grandmother might have worn greyed, old non attractive panties. But it is hard to find ladies who wear such undergarments in the modern world.  Granny panties were designed in order to create a lining between clothing and most sensitive areas of the body.

Sexy panties are in a position to offer the same functionality, but it has been designed with a greater flair. Sheer fabrics, lace, bright colors and other types of sensual adornment have been used when creating these panties. In order to enhance their appearance.

G-strings, French tangas and thongs

Perfect examples for sexy panties that you can see out there in the market. They reveal more of the front, hips and buttocks of the ladies. From the recent studies, it has been identified that the demand for sexier thong styles are higher when compared to out-paced panties.

In fact, there is a huge demand for sexy panties from the younger generations.

Best lingerie types
Lingerie Styles

Many ladies find stockings and bodysuits to be extremely sexy. They have the potential to cover up a lady with sensual clinging fabric from head to toe.  Stockings are often translucent or sheer to reveal the true beauty of a woman.  Sexiest body stockings that you can purchase from the market are made out of fishnet and sheer fabrics. They also come along with an open bust, thong back or open crotch.

Slimming Underwear or Shapewear

Slimming undergarments have been there for centuries. Many women think that such slimming undergarments are associated with a lot of discomfort.  As a result, they do not prefer to spend their money on those products. It is true that slimming undergarments caused some sort of discomfort for the people who lived few decades back. But now they are not in a position to cause such issues.

That’s because the modern world shapewear are designed with the mind of catering the comfort requirements of women.


When it comes to shapewear, body suits hold a prominent place.  In fact, the body suits are specifically designed to slim and tone the torso, stomach, midriff, derriere and thighs. They are designed without any visible seams. Therefore, they look great when paired with under slim fitting skirts, dresses and thigh shirts. You can even think about wearing body suits along with fitting pants to get a smooth look.


Have also received much attention among women who are looking forward to get a slim look. These panties give a lift to the rear end while smoothing the thighs and slimming the tummy. In other words, long legged panties can make an entire portion of your body look slimmer.


If you are looking for a more gently shaped slimming undergarment, you can think about purchasing slips.  Most of the slips that you can purchase from the market are attractive and they look like non-slimming undergarments. Slips can be worn with any kind of blouse, skirt or dress to get a great look.

As you can see, many different forms of sexy lingerie can be found in the market. If you are looking to seduce your partner, it is recommended to spend money on those products. Instead of purchase old-fashioned undergarments such as granny panties.

They have the ability to expose the unseen aspect of your body and impress the partner. 

Breast Shapes and Sizes

Your breasts are unique and Breast Shapes differ from each individual.  When we see a particular celebrity strutting down the runway, their dress, outfit, and lingerie are, for the most part, on point.

Stylists understand that there is no one size fits all when it comes to bras and lingerie that what works well on one woman, may not necessarily work on another. It’s a delicate balance when it comes to bras. Like most clothes and brands, there is a little disparity between sizes and fits.

A 34D in one brand may fit you perfectly. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a 34D in every other brand is going to be exactly the same.

Breasts Shapes
Types of Breasts

It’s the Fabric and The Cut 

The thing is with the way fabrics are cut, the types of fabrics, and a variety of other minute differences means that there may be a disparity between fits.  Combine this with the idea that some bras are angled, to fit certain breast shapes and you’re throwing further confusion into the mix.

Thing is that bra sizes should be used as a general guide. For the most part they’ll fit comfortably, but when it comes to bra fittings, you don’t necessarily want comfort, you want perfection. It’s interesting to note that many people have made it their thing to study all things breasts.

Recently there has been brought out a dictionary of types of breasts that has summarized all types of boobs into 7 different shapes. Some women are even suggesting that this is limiting.  With different polls across lingerie sites asking the same question variedly phrased.


‘Do You Believe That There Are 7 Types Of Breasts Shapes, Or Do You Believe That There Are More’? 

Mjority of websites are polling that there are more. But there are still a considerable percentage that believe that the group that prides itself on the study of breasts, has got this one right.

Here are the seven different types of breasts that the group has identified.

1. Round Breasts

Round breasts are just that, round. If you’re looking at your breasts and they’re equally full at both the top and the bottom, then congratulations, you have round breasts. This is generally the type and shape that most people opt for with enlargement surgery.

If you have round breasts then you need to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed among the bra as you can quickly, and easily develop issues. You also want to avoid shaping bras such as push-ups and padded bras. As they don’t necessarily need to be reshaped. You’ve just naturally got it.

2. East and West Breasts

If your breasts don’t congregate and towards the center of your chest, and instead point outwards to the sides, then you’re most like an east and west breast type. This will also include women, whose nipples will point outwards and to the sides as well.

These types of breasts make chest split dresses look amazing.  As you’ll naturally gravitate away from the chest center and fill these dresses out. Allowing you to potentially have an open shirt style dress on. If you’re after a bra type though, you’ll want something that brings the shape back together.  Smooth’s it over and so that it’ll reform underneath your outfit.

3. Side Set

If your breasts have a natural separation to them, yet don’t face outwards, then you’re going to swing right on into this category. Side Set breasts tend to be a little fuller than east and west girls. But you’ll generally need a similar kind of bra. One that pulls them slightly back in and hoists them up.

4. Tear drops

Tear drop breasts are pretty self-explanatory. Thicker and rounder on the bottom than what they are on the top. These are considered to be the easiest fitting of breast types, and will suit pretty much any style of bra.  Keep in mind that you will need to support these types a little more than usual. Due to the delicate nature of the skin ligaments towards the top. It’s important, unless you want some extra pain or some gravity affected breasts, that you support this type as best as you can, and as often as you can.

5. Slender Breasts

A little trickier. There’s a lot of measurements that need to be taken in order to determine if you have slender breasts. Right, ready? Slender breasts will be heavier on the bottom than they are at the top. They will be longer than they are wide.

As I said, it’s an extra dimension that you need to consider in order to determine if you have slender breasts. With this type of breast type, you’re looking at something to give you both some lift. And some padding to give you some extra size as well. If you can manage that, you’ll be set.

6. Asymetric

Like testicles, there’s generally one breast that sits higher than the other in some shape or form. If it’s notably higher than the other than this is the type of breast that you have. In most case the difference in size isn’t great enough that you need specially fitted bras. So if you’re looking for some balance, try a bra with removable pads.  Take one of them out so that should hopefully balance it out for you.

7. Bell shaped

Closely related to Slender Breasts, but are generally considered to be much fuller. Again, you need to be thinking of support when it comes to bell shaped breasts.

And there you have it.

The seven different types of breasts that you need to consider. You just need to remember that when you’re shopping for bras that you need to avoid gaping bras, overflow in the cups and also digging straps, or strap that aren’t quite sticking. If you don’t necessarily fit into any of the particular types here, then you might need to consider which one you most closely are related to. Go from there.