Bustiers And Corsetry

Bustiers And Corsetry

Find out how to wear Bustiers And Corsetry and why wearing such sexy costumes can transform your day to day life or speical occasion.

How To Wear Bustiers And Corsetry


A bustier happens to be a tight-fitting raiment for ladies, which is conventionally worn as lingerie. Bustier often looks like a Basque only it is comparatively short. It reaches down only to the ribs or waist.  Primary motive of wearing a bustier is to push the bust up by tightening it against the upper midriff. At the same time gently giving the desired shape to the waist.

These days, Bustier is also worn as a push-up bra with a low-backed dress over it. A bustier is also worn as a half-slip under the upper garments in case a show of the midriff is unwanted.

Bustiers And Corsetry
Young Male In Historical Clothing Wearing A Fetish Style Corset


These are garments which are worn to hold and train the figure into a desired shape. Either for artistic or medical reasons. In general women are known to wear the corsets. But at times men also wear them. Corsets are generally made in two styles.

  • Overbust corsets begin higher and they are worn in place of a bra.
  • Underbust corsets begin below the bust and they can be worn with any type of bra.

Corsets commonly end below the waist. Either at the hips, or lower and because creating that hourglass curve involves the hips, shorter styles are not preferred.  There are a few brands which make corsets that are really only waist clinchers.  At times they might resemble an extra-wide belt, with a few corset features.

bustiers and corsets
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What are Corsets abd Bustiers Made From?

Corsets are conventionally made with a cotton like fabric coutil, stiffened with rigid boning whereas bustier is made of flexible fabric.  Corsets are generally adorned with laces whilst bustier have no laces.  Also corsets are generally much more expensive than bustier are. Corsets in history. Theyave made an appearance throughout fashion history. Having been produced in Italy around the 1500’s and reached the height of their popularity in sixteenth century Europe.

Bustiers can be mass-produced and available wide range of price ranges. One can even find high discounts during sales such as ones on our affiliate partner Adultsmart. Fashion corsets and hybrid styles are also very common. These styles are easy to wear than a “true” corset, given its flexibility. Women who love corsets won’t settle for anything other than a conventional and traditional type.

Bustier concentrates on giving lift to the bust and hugging the natural contours of a woman’s body and because corsets are meant to restrict the form hence they are usually made from a sturdier material with several layers of fabric fastened together to prevent them from ripping.

Corsets and bustiers play key roles in defining the style of women.

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