Glossary Lingerie L-O

Glossary Lingerie L-O

Here is the Glossary Lingerie L-O on buy-lingerie which lists some common and not so common lingerie terms. If you missed it check out our Glossary Lingerie G-K.

Glossary Lingerie L-O

Lacetop Stockings 

  • These are traditional stockings in that they need to be held up with garters, but they have a lace top sewn to the top for added detail.

Ladder Resistant Toe 

  • Soft seam construction which keeps the toe seam in place

Laser Cut 

  • Rather than cutting fabric the traditional way, a laser is used, but only on synthetic fabrics – otherwise, a fabric could catch on fire. Advantages of laser cutting include no raveling, and a flat seamless edge.

Leavers Lace 

  • The name “Leavers” derives from the loom used to create this lace. The Leavers machine introduced the production of intricate lace patterns similar to those created by hand. Leavers looms are the only machines capable of working with a high number of threads, reproducing the intricate work of handmade lace. The Leavers lace created is distinguished by high definition design. The length, width and the thinness may vary depending on the machine used.

Leotard Back 

  • The leotard back is a rather new design addition to bras. Rather than a rectangle shape in back like that of a camisole, the leotard back gives a round look on the back – similar to the look of a leotard. It has fast become the most commonly found strap attachment technique in today’s ready-to-wear offerings. Besides looking visually different, the leotard back style almost always includes some elastic to achieve the rounded shape. Consequently, this elastic gives the wearer flexibility to raise her arms or bend over without having to adjust her bra afterwards. There are a few challenges to a leotard back though. Straps attach to the back at a bit of an angle to keep the arch styling. If the “U” shape is too wide , the straps can fall off the wearer’s shoulders. Number of back fasteners is also limited with this back design.

Light Support 

  • A bra frame style featuring cutaway wings with little or no banding under the cups.

Lined Cup 

  • Bra with a lining in the cup. This lining gives additional support and added opaqueness to the cup. It also helps to reduce nipple show-through.

Link Ups 

  • This is a name trademarked by Pretty Polly of England, for their new stocking system that attaches them directly to a matching panty or thong. Thus eliminating the need for garters. This is similar to the one-piece hose. But much better as the stocking legs can be interchanged separately.
Glossary Lingerie L-O
Fence Net Hold Ups

Long Leg 

  • A type of shapewear with a brief top and half legs that give support and control down the thighs. Usually a “leg gripper” is sewn along the leg ends to keep the leg from curling up.

Long Line

  • A midriff-slimming bra with to-the-waist panels for extra smoothing. This can offer the shaping of a corset.

Low Rise 

  • The rise is the measurement between the waistband and the first horizontal seam of a panty (usually where the crotch begins). The average brief or panty has a 6-inch rise. A low rise is when the rise measurement is less than 5 inches.

Low-Rise Brief 

  • With the new low cut pants on the market, this style has become very popular. Low-rise is defined as a rise below 5 inches tall. The waistband rests on the hip approximately 3″ below the waist. It still has side fabric, and the legs are traditional brief legs (not high cut). Can also be called a hipster brief.

M Frame 

  • Sports Bra construction consisting of side support panels to restrict horizontal movement of breast tissue. And a center front panel that extends along the neckline. Sometimes into the strap to restrict vertical movement of breast tissue.

Maternity Bra 

  • A bra designed for women who are pregnant. It will offer more support with wider sides and an underbust band. Non-elastic straps to reduce bounce. Designed with more breast coverage and breathability to prevent breast tissue irritation.

Memory Foam 

  • This is being used more and more in bras. It’s the same foam you see in the mattress commercial where the girl is jumping but the water glass is not moving. When used in a bra cup this foam will shape more to your body, then return to its original shape once taken off. This advantage means that your bra cups will not develop creases that are hard or impossible to remove. Storage of memory foam bras is not as important because the shape will pop back if crushed.
glossary lingerie L-O


  • Another type of corset. It is often strapless and comes to a point in the center front. It can also come with detachable garters to wear with stockings.


  • Fabric made with microfiber means that the fabric’s filaments are extremely fine – much finer than silk. Microfiber fabrics are thus lightweight, and look and feel luxurious. Because microfiber filaments are packed so closely, they can prevent moisture from passing though, yet allow air flow. Usually a blend of polyester or polyamide (nylon) fibers, microfiber fabric is known for being very light, smooth, soft, hard wearing and breathable.


  • A minimizer bra gives the appearance of reducing the projection of the wearer’s breasts. This allows the woman to more easily wear front-button shirts and blouses without gaping. A minimizer bra works by designing a cup that distributes the breast flesh more towards the underarm. And the center front to reduce your breast protrusion. A minimizer only shifts the mass in areas other than directly in front. No bra can actually reduce breast size.


  • Amount of power for support a fabric would give in its most stretched or elongated state.


  • These bras have cups which are machine molded from a single piece of fabric into a shape the manufacturer feels mirrors the preferred natural breast shape without any seams. Molded bras are usually unlined and may be either soft cup or underwire. They are seamless to create a smooth silhouette, unless overlaid with lace.
  • A molded bra with thin foam or fiberfill lining which causes the cup shape to stand alone is known as a contour or t-shirt bra.

Muffin Top 

  • Term used to describe the roll of flesh that falls over the top of pants or shape wear that are too tight. Wearing the proper size pants and/or selecting shape wear with a higher waist can eliminate this look of the muffin top.


  • See convertible bra.


  • Name given to exposure of the underside of a breast without the nipple being exposed. This would occur if wearing a very short cropped t-shirt with no bra. Word comes from combining “underneath” with “cleavage.”


  • A French expression to identify a woman’s beautiful nightgown; especially one that is lace-trimmed.
Glossary Lingerie L-O
Sexy Lingerie


  • A loose dress worn in bed by women. Also called a night-dress or nightie.


  • Sleepwear silhouette that looks like a long or over sized shirt. It is usually short and can be baggy or tailored.

No-Wire (Soft-Cup) Bra 

  • A bra without underwires. Especially comfortable for everyday wear. Can also be padded or lined.

Nursing Bra 

  • Constructed very similar to a maternity bra but with the additional feature of cup openings to allow for ease of breastfeeding.


  • A completely synthetic fiber, nylon is known for its superior flexibility and excellent resilience. Quick-drying nylon fabric is naturally hydrophobic and resistant to shrinkage and wrinkling. Developed in the 1930s by scientists at Du Pont, nylon was the first truly synthetic fiber to be commercialized. Nylon fibers have the luster of silk and their tensile strength is higher than that of wool, silk, rayon or cotton. Washes easily, dries quickly, needs little pressing, and holds its shape well since it neither shrinks nor stretches. Another name for nylon is now polyamide.


  • A traditional term often used to describe the high gossamer stockings in the 50’s and 60’s, when stockings were all made of 100% non-stretch ultra-sheer nylon.

Opera Hose 

  • This item was very popular in the 50’s and 60’s but is not seen very often today. They are very long stockings, meant to be gartered, cut without the usual welt on the top. Garters are attached to a small band at the top of the stocking, giving a long un-interrupted look to the leg. These stockings require very short garters.