Underwear Types And Styles For Every Man

Underwear Types And Styles For Every Man

Underwear types come in various styles. Most men settle on one style of underwear and continue wearing that same style regardless of what they are going to do. Some appreciate the solace and security of briefs. Others incline toward boxers, and numerous settle on boxer briefs. Some lean toward thongs and G-strings.

Around 90% of all underwear sold today are briefs and boxer briefs. That being said when taking into account that close to 98% of the male population wear underwear (there really are not that many free-ballers out there) 8% is still a massive market.

Underwear Types Of Men’s Underwear

Wearing the same style of underwear throughout the day regardless of activity, seems silly when there are appropriate choices available. Working out what you are doing and which underwear suits should be an important part of choosing the right underwear for what you’re doing.

Underwear Types
Male Boxers

Boxer Shorts – Built For Comfort

Free and offer little backing. They accompany a flexible belt and a catch fly and straight leg openings with a short inseam.


  • Airy And loose fitting.
  • Generally absorbent cotton material.
  • Wears well.
  • Great for napping.


  • Bunch up leaving tell-tale signs on your clothing.
  • Too big for skinny and tight fitting pants.
  • Does not support your junk during exercise.
  • Waistbands can tend to annoy.

Briefs – Perfect For Work

Also known as jockey shorts. Easily identified by their elastic waistband, no leg and minimal coverage. They usually offer a Y-shaped fly in the front. And have enough fabric to offer full coverage from the waist to the top of the thigh with complete coverage of the buttocks.

Briefs provide excellent support and are less prone to bunching and rising than other styles. They’re an excellent choice for men who opt to wear tighter pants or low-rise pants. Perfect for men who work at a desk all day, because they end in the natural crease between the body and leg.  With the development of lower rise pants such as jeans becoming more popular with men, there are also mid-rise and low-rise briefs which sit at the belly button or three inches below the waist.


  • Ideal for (skinny) jeans.
  • Perfect if you sit a lot.
  • No bunching up of the material.
  • Elongates the leg.


  • Old-fashioned look.
  • Can accentuate portly figures.

Boxer Briefs & Trunks – Perfect For Sport and Work

These are not really a trade off to the boxer as they have the best of both worlds. They are cut like a boxer short but slimmed with the cozy and strong security of briefs. Like a brief, boxer briefs keep up their comfortable fit throughout the day. They are fabulous for physical movement and look great even when you are not fit as a fiddle.

underwear types
Body Hugging Underwear

A compression trunk is useful for workouts at the local gym, and thusly it does sense to change clothing or to put on a compression trunk when you know you will work out that day.


  • Great for Sport and Play
  • Looks great under pants
  • Good for gym


  • If sitting too long can become uncomfortable


Jock-Straps – Perfect For Sport

A jockstrap comprises of a belt, normally flexible, and also a bolster pocket for the privates. They were created just about 150 years back for bicyclists.  Nowadays, they are utilized for backing and comfort amid an assortment of exercises, regularly with the option of a cod piece container for included security. Progressively, form jockstraps are additionally worn as a regular substitution for more customary clothing.


  • Generally for sport Only
  • Offers fantastic support


  • Back Straps can become uncomfortable especially when sitting down

Jocks Underwear

Thongs, Bikinis & G-Strings – Perfect For Play

There are men who appreciate the vibe and look of a thong, bikini or g-string, however it is not for everyone. Commonly these styles work best for men with outstandingly all around chiseled physiques and who savor the look of it.

The bikini is a littler style of the brief, likewise called a tiny brief. They uncover the whole thigh, as yet managing to cover the backside with a little front pocket.

The thong, like the bikini, offers a restricted space in the front associated by slender fabric strips, leaving the bottom uncovered.

The G-string is a moderate form of the thong that shows however much skin as could reasonably be expected. Generally made of spandex or nylon, they can be slightly more costly than alternate styles because of the materials.


  • Cannot see under clothes
  • Bold and adventurous


  • String Can Be Irritable
  • Not as many shops stock them

Novelty Underwear

Men’s Novelty Underwearmay be the trick, choose fromMens Novelty Thongs &Funny Underwear, malesexy wear, mens eroticunderwear, loin clothes or funny malethongs making your fun Undies choice can be fun.  Elephant bulls and devil man thongs and pouches. We have singing ones and silly ones. Laughs or pleasure either way these bring smiles to both you and your partner.


  • Make You and Your Partner Smile
  • Can be used for erotic play and foreplay


  • Are not generally comfortable to wear all day
  • Not as many shops stock them

Real Men Don’t Wear Lingerie

More and more men enjoy wearing sex underwear however it is still a subject that most steer clear from. Funnily enough it is more common for men to speak about, accept and actually wear women’s lingerie than it is to talk about a sexy male undergarment.  In gay culture there are no stigma’s attached to it and brands such as Andrew Christian, homme, and Baci are popular and worn by many.

underwear types

But talk to a straight man about sex underwear of if he has any will immediately be met with embarrassment. We can talk about corsetry and lace and not blink an eyelid but as a man about his underthings. There is either not a straight face in the house or masses will be shrinking into the shadows.  Turn on the television and you will be sprayed by a myriad of lingerie wearing beauties advertising this or that.  But a man in a G-String if you can find one will have you squirming in your seat.

Borak can get away with a mankini in humour but when is the last time you have seen one at the beach.  Closest thing most straight men will to having sexy underwear is perhaps a pair of budgie smugglers. That most people were wishing was not worn.  It is time for us all to break these barriers and display our sexual liberation and join our gay brethren in wearing sexy male lingerie.

Perfect Gift For Your Wife Or Girlfriend

We all know the feeling! It is Valentines or your Anniversary coming up and what to buy your girlfriend or wife?  She got upset last time you bought her flowers and chocolates for taking the easy way out.  You have been told that it is not that hard to find something that she likes and there have been enough hints left for you to pick up on.

I will let you know a little secret this Mars and Venus moment is encountered by millions of men across to globe on a daily basis.  As men we have to be more attune to our spouses feelings and wants and take charge.  So here is another little secret – buy her some lingerie.  What woman does not love a sexy ensemble and if you are lucky enough perhaps she will share it with you too!

A Complete Men’s Guide

Wearing lingerie will boost her sexual confidence and also her confidence in you.  Letting her know that you care enough to go to the lingerie shop to select something for her to wear will make her feel that you find her sexy.  Now you have kicked two goal – not only are you in the good books for caring but you will most likely be in the good books in bed too!

Read on about the different choices of lingerie out there for you to get those brownie points you so richly deserve.

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