A Men’s Guide To Ladies Lingerie

A Men’s Guide To Ladies Lingerie

Men wear underwear and what need to we have to know about ladies lingerie. We have Y fronts, jock straps, male thongs, briefs and maybe a couple of others. But if you’ve ever walked into a ladies lingerie store, to either shop with your GF, Wife, Fiancé or lover. Then you’ll know that the women’s world of lingerie is an eerie and confusing mess.

Finally, we have compiled a list of the basic lingerie pieces so that you’ll know what you’re getting. And if you’re not a male, than this article will certainly serve as a refresher course on the what’s what of lingerie for her.

Ladies Lingerie Buyers Guide For Men

Baby Doll

A baby doll is essentially a night gown, except short, and it’s a piece of lingerie that requires matching panties. Sometimes a baby doll will come with matching panties. Other times they will not. But it is an important thing to consider when purchasing a baby doll.

Baby dolls are very similar in shape to an empire waist style of shirt or dress. As in they generally won’t come much further than the waist. They are a loose fitting fabric that falls between the hips and the belly button. And will generally consist of form fitting breast cups.

They’re perfect if you like a little bit of sensuality and want to showcase a delightful bit of skin at the same time. Generally trimmed with lace and ruffles, and will sometimes have bows and ribbons on them. They are usually made of a sheer fabric for that extra touch of sensuality.


A body stocking is essentially that. A stocking for your entire body. It is a fitted piece of hosiery that covers your entire body usually from the shoulders to the feet in a very similar way to a leotard or a cat suit.

A great winter accessory to wear underneath clothes. Usually made of tight fitting sheer material such as nylon, lace or fishnet. It is the perfect accompaniment for any confident women. And it will highlight and showcase all the sensual curves that you need it to highlight.


The bra, most people are familiar with. It is worn to support a woman’s breasts and lift. Bras are unique in terms of that they do serve a function purpose. As such are usually the first piece of lingerie that a woman gets. They come in a variety of different sizes, fabrics, styles and colors. Are considered to be the most versatile woman’s lingerie. There are several different bra styles as well that you will most likely need to be familiar with.

  • Demi Bra

A Demi Bra only covers the lower half of the breast. It’s designed to push them up, but not for cleavage purposes. Something that goes well with split dresses, and low neckline dresses. As well as just a nice piece of lingerie to give you a more natural look.

  • Push-up Bra

Push up bra does precisely that – Pushes up to create a lot more cleavage. To further the illusion that an individual has a larger fuller chest.

  • Underwire Bra

An underwire bra provides support for larger breasts. It contains metal wires along the lower edges of the bra to give extra needed support for the bust.


This is a bra like dress. To put it simply it’s a one piece almost, corset style outfit, that provides additional support and control, as well exudes sex appeal.  It usually comes with straps. But it is more closely related to the corset and it is something that wears extremely well underneath clothes.

It provides a shapely hourglass figure to the torso which is why it’s a great combination to wear with normal clothes. If you’re going to go a piece like this, then you’re going to need some garters and stockings to pair it up with. They’re essential for this type of outfit.


AKA Cami for short, it is a lingerie top with a tight fitting bust and streams down to the waistline. They’re great to tag team with normal clothes and are a great item to wear underneath a business shirt, or outfit. Made from pretty much any material. As such you can wear them as undergarments, or even in some cases as a top.


If there’s a style that a diva would wear, then this is it. It’s usually made from a satin finished silk, and is renowned for its sensual draping.  A loose fitting design, similar to the cami and baby doll. But, it is fragile due to the type of material that they are made from and as such its important to treat it carefully


A chemise is a shirt like under garment that is essentially the same kind of shape as a hanging sleeveless dress. It is a hip hugger style and is most closely related to the baby doll.  Actually came about in the Middle Ages and was worn to protect outer clothing from body oils and sweat.


A teddy closely resembles a one piece bathing suit. Although it’s generally a lot more sensual. It can be made from a variety of different materials and combines the look of a cami and panty in one piece.  Specifically designed to accentuate the body. Is a very popular style of lingerie as it both hides’ body flaws, and accentuates the body at the same time.

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What Is A BabyDoll Outfit

Baby Dolls For Women & Cross Dressing

A sexy costume or Lingerie Babydoll outfit is something that is supposed to make a person feel extra- ordinarily beautiful.

This is a sleeveless, short nightgown full of laces and fits loosely when worn. Some are made with bralettes to make a clear pronunciation of what is supposed to be your cleavage. Others come with additional accessories like ribbons, ruffles and spaghetti straps, you name them. Yet others have matching lace panties.

A baby doll is a great choice for all women, and is often described as the lingerie style that fits all women. Baby Dolls are also frequently the style of choice from cross dressing. Because of its loose fitting detailing, and ability to remain feminine for all body types and shapes.

History of the BabyDoll

Literature depicts that baby doll lingerie first came into being in the year 1942 with Sylvia Pedlar being the woman behind the fashionable invention. As years went by, and the ever advancing technology being the order of the day, new improvements were made on Sylvia Pedlar’s creation. This made them more fashionable and more women. Cross dressers, decided to find out how they fit on them.

A most fascinating thing is that most partners finds this lingerie more welcoming. Simply because, baby dolls have the ability to make their sexual partner look stunning, no matter the day or time. The baby doll, for this reason, is one of the most popular types of lingerie, especially for older women. Owing to the forgiving nature of the fit and the style.

Today several lingerie companies have come up with new unique designs that come in different brands and color, to fit everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Babydoll Outfits
Woman In Cute Pink Baby Doll With Matching Underwear

How you choose to wear your baby doll is up to your desires.

You will find that some women prefer wearing them with bras particularly when being worn under their garments, while others go without bras. Either way, the appearance on you should be equal to sexy. You should also ensure that you grab a style, and a colour that you like. Wearing lingerie for yourself or partner is only half of the engagement. A second half is the confidence boost that it provides which in turn makes a nice outfit, a stunning outfit.

If you feel confident whilst wearing your costume, then that will transcend into the play and make it more fulfilling for everyone involved.

Why Should You Consider Baby Dolls?

There are various reasons why wearing lingerie is important.

  • Boosts Your Self -Esteem And Confidence

Beauty happens to go hand in hand with self-esteem. Knowing that you look beautiful just at a quick stare on your dressing mirror, adds extra confidence in you. This is exactly the same feeling that one gets with a buy-lingerie.com sexy baby doll on. Especially when you are going on a date knowing very well there will be more to that.

  • Makes You Look Sexier

Beautiful lingerie comes with additional beauty to whoever wears it. This is to say that, it exposes your body figure making you look sexier and the viewer will appreciate the curves in your body even more. Another thing, your partner will be drawn to your looks, and new found confidence.

  • Magnifies Your Sensuality

Your sensuality gives you sexual confidence. Therefore looking and smelling good is something that puts you in a relaxing position since you have nothing to worry about.

  • Expands Your Chances Of Having A Real Relationship

Sexual Partners like the full package- how you present yourself in every level. Just the sight of how you look under your top garment is enough to bring you luck in your relationship sector. Believe me, this sometimes works and you will be surprised.