Setting The Mood For Some Lingerie Fun

Setting The Mood For Some Lingerie Fun

Lingerie is a great thing that you can wear to start setting the mood for some lingerie fun in the bedroom. There are several other things that you can do that’ll help reinvigorate the passionate sex in the bedroom. Often it takes a combination of elements within the bedroom to start changing that outlook. Especially when you’ve been together for a considerable amount of time. Things can get a little stale and dated.

Setting The Mood For Some Lingerie Fun

An issue sometimes is that the bedroom is viewed as a an all-encompassing kind of room. Some people have a TV in there turning it into a ‘lounge room’. Others will consistently lay in bed and munch on snacks, and others will use it as a library.

Research has consistently shown that the bedroom should only be used for two things.

Sleeping/napping and sex.

Any disruption to this can have damaging consequences to a relationship.

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Take into consideration that if you use the bed as a place to lounge around in, chances are that you’ll find it much harder to get to sleep at night. You’ll struggle in the morning and your general morning mood will decrease. Why, you ask? Well, you’ve essentially trained the brain, that just because you’re lying in bed doesn’t mean that it’s sleep time. Therefore your normal routine of getting into bed for sleep, confuses the brain. You’ll struggle to actually get it to settle down enough so that you can sleep.

Ensuring that the bedroom is only used for sex and sleeping

It becomes a more ‘relaxation’ haven as opposed to a simple bedroom. Your brain works best on routine. When you are consistent in your routine, you will find that it copes a lot better.

You’ll find that your mood increases. That when you slip on that delightfully sexy negligee or one piece teddies, that you’ll be ready to go, in the mood and utterly relaxed. When you’re relaxed your sexual experience will be heightened significantly.

Setting The Mood with lingerie fun
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1. Get rid of the TV

Have you ever sat there in bed, wearing your favorite piece of lingerie, and your partner has just sat there staring at the screen until they fall asleep?

Not only is the stimulation bad for your eyes and brain. As the blue light of the TV promotes insomnia, stimulates the brain so it’s that much more difficult to fall asleep. But who wants to watch ABC whilst they’re having sex? Distraction of the TV will mean that at several of your senses will already be distracted.

How then can you truly enjoy the sensual aspect of silk against your body and your partners whilst you watch late night TV?

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2. Get Rid of Clutter

Your essential pieces in the bedroom should be your bed, bedside tables, and a wardrobe or tallboy of some description.

On top of these should only be essentials such as a clock, maybe a photo or two and some candles. A lot of people clutter these spaces. Without remembering that the tops of the furniture isn’t storage place. Unless you’re severely space challenged (in which case consider de-cluttering the house). Then there should be no reason to use these spaces as storage when they could sit in the drawer.

3. Change the bed sheets

This one is especially more so, when they’ve been sitting there for several weeks.

Changing the bed sheets and getting a new doona cover is a very easy and cheap way to brighten up. Or change the tone of your room. Even if it’s just from your local discount store such as Kmart where quilt covers and bed sheets can be done for under 60 bucks.

Go for different colors. If it’s winter try for warm colors, and for summer go bright and airy colors.  Go for the tone and mood that you’re after. For some truly sexy bed sheets, go simple, and mature. Whilst some Pokémon bed sheets may look adorable, cute and showcase your inner playfulness. When it comes to sensual and sexy, they miss the mark completely.

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4. Lighting

You’re in the ensuite, you’re changing into something sleek, and sensual.  A sheer pale blue night gown with matching bra and panties. You saunter on into the bedroom and you’re blinded by harsh, bright lights that make a hospital room look dark and dinghy.

Swap out the harsh lighting for something softer. Your bedroom should never be the brightest lit room in the house anyway. Opt for some lower, and warmer light. Alternatively, grab some bedside table lamps that are soft, or even turn off the lights altogether and add half a dozen candles scattered around the room. A soft glow will reflect off your lingerie and hide the little skin flaws that you want to hide.

Due to the limited light that you will have, it will increase your other senses. So your sense of touch, taste, smell, and hearing will be enhanced due to your limited ability to see.

5. Sense of Scent

Freshen up your room by opening a window for a day, scented candles, oil burners or some room enhancing pheromone sprays.

Your brain is a delicate muscle and is remarkably easily distracted. You would be very surprised by the amount of people that don’t pay that much attention to their bedroom. Because guests don’t normally see it. It is a mistake that costs them both in relaxation, and for sensual times.

They don’t have to be floral scents. But you need to be able to find a scent that you find both stimulating and relaxing.

6. Pets

Pets do not invoke a romantic mood and they leave hair and often smell.  No pets in the bedroom.

7. Space and openness

If you can put that chest of drawers into another room, then do it.  You want your bedroom to be open and airy. Not feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Whilst this is easy for people with large floor plans, or extra room in your house. For those that are a little space challenged, then you need to consider this.

  • Am I effectively and efficiently using the space I have solely for the things i need?
  • How many times have I already mentioned de-clutter?
  • That jacket that takes up half your wardrobe and no longer fits your needs to be taken to Charity.

If your space challenged you only need the essentials, and your bedroom should not be considered a storage area.

All of these things will help create a better mood within the bedroom.

Combine that with some delightful pieces of lingerie, and you’re pretty much guaranteed for a good time. Before you have a go at me about the idea, that the lingerie is just going to be torn off anyway, well that’s sometimes the point.

You want to feel your confidence as you strut into a room designed for sex and intimacy. And you want your partner to jump you as you’re wearing it, either tear it off. Or seductively tease and tantalize until it’s almost fallen off of its own accord.

These bedroom tips will not only improve your sleep, and relaxation, but also increase your sexual experiences.