Fantasy Lingerie Facts & Fiction

Fantasy Lingerie Facts & Fiction

Welcome to Fantasy Lingerie facts and fiction. Here we wish to give an overview of lingerie, the benefits of wearing lingerie and why lingerie is an integral part of one’s health and sexual lifestyle.

Fantasy Lingerie facts and fiction
Lingerie facts and myths

Unleashing The Passions Within – Fantasy Lingerie 

Lingerie holds fascination for the male psyche. Indeed, it excites males to no mean extent. To a man, lingerie makes a woman desirable. It makes her more attractive to the male, and it tempts him as he gets ready for a union with his mate.

Initiation of Lingerie

Later parts of the nineteenth century saw lingerie make its debut in front of the lustful watch of males. Gradually became a mainstay in the erotic adventures of couples from the world over particularly in the west. Fantasy lingerie has become a universal metaphor for all that men want from the better part of their lives both literally and figuratively.

Types of Lingerie

Lingerie may grace the bedroom in various forms, in all types of shapes, colors and sizes. Wikipedia lists more than forty-five different types of this garment that brings much delight to the bedroom to both of the sexes. This includes g-strings thongs, knickers, bodice, Basque amongst many, many others. The variety adds to diversity in the play that may be introduced to the bedroom through lingerie.

Diversity in Design and Material

An ordinary woman is turned into an irresistible enchantress when she is dressed in the correct lingerie.  Various types of material, the play of colors too contribute toward making lingerie an absolute necessity in the passionate play of couples.

Fantasy Lingerie
Ordinary women in lingerie

Women Love Lingerie

Women too love the thought of igniting the dormant passion of her mate in the eternal ritual of lovemaking. She likes it when it makes an enchantress when all her man can think of her is her and how very alluring she is.  Knows that her partner is now in the grasp of her charm and do what he might, there is simply no escape!

Women love the fact that lingerie allows them to put on different looks during different nights and be a thousand women to her man.

Colors Matter Too:

Some men prefer special colors over others, some particular material beside the actual design itself. Different colors send out different messages and evoke different feelings in the hearts of men. Purple, Black, Red, White, the lingerie can be found in a whole riot of colors and set afire the hearts of men in different ways. Each color accomplishes the task in way that is unique to it.

Common Shades of Lingerie And Their Symbolic Meaning


Proverbial warning sign, if it’s the allure of untamed emotion and physical appeal that you want to send out then you just have to go with red. Besides being a bit naughty, in the right circumstances red may ooze with the glamour and glitz that one would expect from a fascinating woman. Passion is the bottom line when you give yourself to your partner dresses in the right hues of red.


Colors of the citrus and peach stimulate the mind and make you appear petite, sweet and irresistibly cute. Some also claim that these colors stimulate both body and mind and even the appetite. Plus, summer and spring perfectly complements the hues of this shade and fits almost any tone of skin which the wearer may have.


If you wish to appear to be fabulous while remaining true to nature with a soothing and attractive in green. Different shades of green resonate rather well with males and gives you that gorgeous and inviting look.


If you would rather don the hat of a dive who attracts by her enigmatic nature then you have to choose purple. The colour of royalty is represented by the union of blue and red, of a regal and alluring poise. And a passion that simply cannot be resisted. Purple lingerie is famed for its stately presence and can turn a mortal into an irresistible goddess.

Delving Deep into Fantasies

Lingerie lets the partners of those wearing them play into their wildest fantasies in a stimulating and acceptable way. Let us face it. In the absence of lingerie, lovemaking would be far less fun than what it is. This aspect of lingerie is also the most intriguing- the fantasies that men hold dear in the deepest recesses of their minds which also we will look into a few paragraphs later on. It tempts, it shows much but alluringly hides what matters the most.

Business of Lingerie

As borne out by statistics Lingerie is big business. In fact, according to reports the figures for the global lingerie market stood at a whopping 76.9 million dollars in 2015. Other reports project the online global lingerie market to report a CAGR growth of 17 percent between the years 2016 and 2020.

Lingerie Brands

Considering the popularity of the lingerie, it is little wonder that both small and big lingerie brands are doing brisk business at the four corners of the world. Not to say the digital world of the global village.

Some of the notable lingerie brands.

  • Bali from the United States.
  • Berlei from Australia.
  • Boutique La Vie en Rose from Canada.
  • Bruno Banani from Germany.
  • Chantelle from France.
  • Clovia from India.
  • Intimissimi from Italy.
  • Jolidon from Romania.
  • Lisca from Slovenia.
  • LELO from Sweden.
  • Oysho from Spain.
  • Peach John from Japan.
  • Van de Velde N.V. from Belgium.
  • Wolford from Austria.

In this list, the emphasis has been placed on the diversity of brands in terms of geography across continents.

Materials Used in Lingerie of Different Types

Various types of materials are put into use when making the varied sorts of lingerie. These materials may be stretchy, decorative, flexible or even sheer. The actual materials that lingerie are usually made up of are nylon or more properly nylon tricot, lace, polyester, silk, satin and also sheer fabric. Materials like cotton and synthetic materials are also used.

What Lingerie Means to Women

To many women, lingerie represents an attitude, the feeling that she feels in her when she approaches her closet each and every day. A different mood is to be reflected in lingerie of the appropriate form. One does not feel the same all the days in a week and the lingerie reflects her perceptions of the feelings that lie at the core of her heart.

Size of the Lingerie Matters Too

Just like all other underwear, lingerie too needs to be in a size that is comfortable to the wearer. A lingerie that does not fit just right might leave a woman feeling not uncomfortable and out of sorts. But also lessens the charm and the mood she gets into before a feisty mating with her lover.

So, for their own interests, men should take the initiative and get their women lingerie that she feels comfortable in.  In a size that is suitable to her unique and special appearance.

Luxury Lingerie

Psychology of Lingerie

The overwhelming influence of lingerie in the sexual life of adults’ points of something that remains present subtly in men, in their minds, in their psychology. Prevalent fascination of males with lingerie cannot simply be attributed to the effects of popular culture alone. True popular culture contributes a long way in shaping what is desirable and what is not. But psychological studies have confirmed the presence of attraction for “lingerie” in an unlikely place beside humans, that is to say, rodents.


Rats Too Find Lingerie Irresistible

According to a study conducted at Concordia University located in the blitz and glamour of Montreal, tiny jackets do the work for male rats, which correspond to the lingerie of human beings.

Admittedly unusual study observed the effects on male virgin rats when they were allowed to have sex the female rats wearing jackets made specifically for them. Males were later given the choice of mating with either clothed or unclothed females of their species. Guess what, the male rodents chose those rats who had donned on jackets.

This study is highly suggestive that males have the ability to associate the feel and the visual representation of clothing with sex itself. Jackets sort of tuned in the male rats to have sex with their lingerie or jacket wearing counterparts of the opposite sex.

Studies conducted earlier also demonstrated the ability of rats to prefer females with a particular smell or scent.

Mice And Lingerie

Goal of the study

Was to find whether rats have the ability to associate sex with texture. So a dozen virgin rats were made to mate with female rodents wearing lingerie. Then they were asked to choose from a clothed and unclothed female rat.

It was found that these rats preferred the jacket clad females of their species considerably more often than unjacketed ones.  Was also observed that males not only ejaculated quickly when compared to normal. But also made more attempts at mounting on their females. A variant of this experiment where the male rats were made to have sex with receptive jacketed females.  Then unclothed sexually non-receptive ones. Again they were given an opportunity to mate with either jacketed or unjacketed female rats and the results were repeated.

Researchers also discovered that the pleasure centers of brains of the male rats who had sex with rats with lingerie showed more activity according to results which are however preliminary. Though rats are vastly different from human beings the similarity is too explicit to be ignored.

fantasy lingerie

Fetish Lingerie

When we come to the rather complex and convoluted world of psychology a fetish that just has to be mentioned in this context.

Some people obviously have a sexual fetish for undergarments which is designated to be Underwear fetishism in serious terms.  In case of such a fetish, people derive sexual pleasures from handling or watching particular types of underwear including lingerie.  Which includes stockings, bras, panties, pantyhose amongst other items related female sexual-wear. Also interesting is to note that a section people also experience gratification when they wear particular sorts of underwear.

Observation of the act of dressing up or down such underwear is also a source of pleasure to some.


Lingerie for Men.  With the fairer sex leading the onslaught men too have apparently decided to hop on to the bandwagon.

Though only of very recent origins the concept promises to be a trend to watch out for in men’s fashion in the years to come.Lingerie for men, which has been dubbed as Menagerié, is catching on. Though on the surface it does not seem to be much but things run deeper than what is obvious to the ordinary eye.

fantasy lingerie facts and fiction
Male Lingerie

It was introduced by the designer Roman Sipe who was on the hunt for some underwear that would feel like silk and could find none. So, he went ahead and introduced his own line of lingerie for men.

Do not take it as the great washout of masculinity to the irresistible charm of beauty. But rather the focus is on bringing an aura of exclusive elegance to the otherwise humdrum world of men’s undergarments. Tiny tights, loungewear, waist trainer apart from the obvious underwear are meant to take men’s undies to the dizzying heights masculine sublimity.

This is not just about lingerie

It is about the world of lingerie. Lingerie is a wonderful world full of attraction, full of pleasure and symbolizes the zest for life, its celebration.

It is a world where fantasies are made in order to be fulfilled.  A person has the life that he had so forth only dreamt of. It symbolizes the fulfilment of a cherished dream, a fantasy that is both at once personal and universal.  People of the modern age deserve at least this much. After toiling for hours in short cubicles, after buying tonnes of products he rarely needs. After being fed with all that our civilization throws at him during the course of his day to day life- the commute to office, the news, the boss, all of it.  They can have some of their dreams fulfilled with their loved one. Can have their coveted fantasies realized.

That is a dire need which he needs to survive, to continue his journey.