One Piece Teddies: Ooze Sex Appeal

One Piece Teddies: Ooze Sex Appeal

Also known as cami-knickers, a teddy lingerie is a One Piece Teddies.  A garment that covers torso as well as the crotch area in a single unit, in a style akin to a bodysuit or swimsuit (one-piece).

Typically more loosely and sheer than the former two, it is worn by slipping into the holes made for the legs and then pulling it up so that it embraces the torso.  There is no strict rule on the length that it covers.  As it may sometimes cover the whole or partial length of the torso and also the arms fully.  It is largely regarded as a sexy undergarment that combines the functionality of both, a camisole and panty without requiring a visible panty line.

Teddy lingerie is popular due to its alluring designs, body-hugging style, snazzy colors and comfort.

Ooze Sex Appeal With One Piece Teddies

Lingerie teddies are designed either to display the beauty of the wearer with the motive of oozing sex appeal or as nighttime practical clothing.  You simply cannot help but appreciate the creative ways in which they are designed to trigger off your partner’s fantasies.

Whatever be their exact style, they all are meant to bring out the best in you and thus it is a must to buy teddies.

One Piece Teddies
sultry woman

Popular Teddy Styles

Bareback Lingerie Teddy

A backless camisole with an in-built support in the bust area.

Body Briefer Lingerie Teddy

Acts as form-fitting piece of undergarment that merges with the shape of the wearer to lend a toned effect. Essentially developed as women shapers, they are often worn underneath garments during workouts.

Fashion Top Lingerie Teddy

A fashion top lingerie teddy combines the bra, panty, thong as well as a fashionable top in a single unit. It is available in myriad styles. From the simple ones to fancy styles containing embellishments like beads, fake stones, crystals and sequins.

Sleep Teddy

A sleep teddy although more of a teddy and less of a lingerie. Can nevertheless be worn in a sensuous way to give the impression of being effortlessly sexy. It comes in variety of styles that make it practical as a sleepwear.


One of the sexiest pieces of undergarments that you can possibly wear. As they come with removable garters and are available in many colors that complement the night, like wine red, black, midnight blue and silver.

Traditional Lingerie Teddy

A traditional lingerie teddies are relatively loose-fitting undergarments that hug the torso of the wearer in an attempt to flaunt her curves. Designed mainly for a visual appeal. They are often made of satin, lace and sheer or partly sheer material.

Why Wear Lingerie Style Teddies?

Lingerie teddies have a way of creating a mystifying sexy effect. Nothing can be more enticing and playful than a tiny glimpse of lingerie teddy underneath civilian clothes. Apart from doing the job of spicing up a date or the boudoir. Tey also provide a smooth shape to the wearer’s figure and make her look sleek and feel confident. As a lounge wear, lingerie teddies can be worn out at the beach or the pool with equal ease.

Since they come in multiple styles and designs, you can buy-lingerie teddies that are opaque and partially sheer or ultra-sheer, depending upon the purpose. Opaque body-briefer lingerie teddies are ideal for lending a toned effect or giving extra support to body parts during workouts. Check out our glossary lingerie T-Z for more info.

Kimonos And Nightgowns Guide

Silk Kimono Robes Range

Most women prefer stylish nightwear and within that range are Kimonos And Nightgowns which should be both visually appealing and within their budget and comfort zone.  Here we feature a wide range of beautiful night gowns and kimonos that you can browse and select from.


Refer to Japan’s traditional garments that can be traced back to 500 years ago. Much more than simply a garment, the kimono is one of the most emblematic symbols in Japan, rich in symbolism and social messages.

Kimonos reach down to the ankles, wraps around the body and are held together by a wide sash, called obi. They have grown to be a modern choice of lingerieand for night wear. It may be simple, black lace or satin, or encompass vivid colours and bold graphic patterns, which include both traditional and modern motifs.

This will not only give an elegant and classy feel but will also delight and surprise the viewer.

Kimonos and nightgowns
Purple Kimono Style Night Gown Lingerie With Satin Belt

Why wear Kimono’s & Gowns?

Kimonos exude hand-fashioned impressions of stunning contemporary orientalism. Wearing them reflects the titillating beauty and sensuality of Geishas.

Many different kinds of kimonos are available to suit your liking. Some are colourful and decorative others are more soothing and stylized with traditional patterns. They are extremely casual and comfortable to wear for the night with loose, falling sleeves that can be short or may even reach up to your feet. Usually made of silk but are also available in synthetic and linen fabrics, easier to wash and maintain.

Kimonos are especially useful for wearing over the top of other lingerie. With the Kimono keeping an element of seduction and mystery, as well as providing warmth.

Night Gowns Or Nighties

Are loose and comfortable, night clothes worn by women. They are usually made of cotton, satin or silk fabrics and may have decorative lace motifs or appliques or maybe embroidered to give a more stylish look.

Why Wear Night Gowns?

Nightgowns can be fashioned in a variety of ways. They can have different neckline cuts and can be with or without sleeves.  Can also be designed backless with shoulder straps. They can vary in length from being extremely short to hip or floor length. Taper of the gown can range from a full circle to a straight cut. They can also be adorned with other garments like robes and shrugs as well as accessories.

Some of the different types of nightgowns include.


They are long gowns made of see-through fabric perfect for bedroom wear collection. Sheer fine material which is snug and cozy to wear.  Can also be trimmed with lace pieces and exemplified with translucent bows and bodices. Look sexy for your special one!